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Convenience without Compromise

We live in modern times, that means convenience is king and we expect nothing short of royal treatment. Life is customised for your comfort, information and entertainment available at the touch of a button, no limits on how far you can travel, even cooking and food has been simplified beyond what we once knew them to be!

It seems like a good deal, so why complain?

When you’re outsourcing every single task to an external entity, you inevitably compromise your control over what goes into it or how it gets done. For example, when you buy a burger at a fast food joint, can you know for sure the source of the ingredients or quality of oil used?

Is it really that important? Well, convenience is great but the real question is how much are you compromising in the bargain?

Synthetic chemicals pervade every aspect of our lives, posing serious health concerns and adversely affect human health. What’s more, they are in places you least suspect!

Love the flowery fragrance of that new room freshener you just bought? Guess what, that’s just a deadly cocktail of chemicals you’re deep breathing!

The same goes for your laundry. Be it detergent, stain remover, bleach, fabric softener.. they’re all composed of a range of chemicals that are invading your system without your knowledge.

Common chemicals in laundry products can do untold damage to your lifestyle and health. Their adverse effects are known to be hormone disrupting, carcinogenic, cause for respiratory problems, and promotion of drug-resistant bacteria strains, developmental toxicity and even reproductive challenges. Now, that’s a lot more than you bargained for, huh?!

In essence, what we are trying to say is, when you choose contemporary living or convenience, you shouldn’t have to compromise. We believe in quality and consciousness at every step.

Here are just a few ways in which Fabricspa ensures your clothes are being laundered in a manner that is environmental friendly:

  • We consider it our duty to save water and practice rainwater harvesting at our plant.
  • We use a majority of organic chemicals and detergents to treat your clothes.
  • Our entire plant runs on RO water.
  • Every stage of the wash cycle uses safely recycled water.
  • For ironing, we only use a steam press which comes from a boiler plant. The steam is also a product of through recycling.

We are committed to your convenience and will ensure that you receive that without having to compromise!

In the throes of a water and energy crisis that we find ourselves in, we must do our bit. Every day, we make an effort to find new ways to be environmentally conscious. We understand that this is important to you as well and hope that you will join us in this journey to give back.