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Handle with Care: Maintaining Baby Clothes

From the second they are born to every other moment after that, humans care for their young like no other. In this modern day and age of chemical-everything, that intensive parental care comes with a hundred thousand times more responsibility than it did before.

Baby skin is sensitive and prone to all sorts of infections and allergies. Of course, there’s that eternally common nappy rash that happens to everyone but is – in truth – so easy to avoid. As the name already establishes, the culprit of that rash is the nappy. It isn’t the actual fabric of the nappy itself that causes it, but probably excessive detergent or improper disinfection.

Often we take so much for granted that we forget the very basics. Like, that fabric you clothe your baby with directly affects his / her well-being. Bearing this in mind, you have to be conscious and alert at all times. Right from selecting the clothes (brands, fabric, stores and so on) you buy to how you wash and maintain them throughout their life cycle.

Caring for baby garments is intensive, important, and on that note, here are some tips on how to go about it:

  1. Wash all baby clothes separately, this is non-negotiable.
  2. Wash all new clothes once before putting it on your baby.
  3. When putting clothes with zippers in the machine, zip them up to ensure they do not damage the rest of the clothes.
  4. Always, always separate whites from the other colours.
  5. Avoid warm or hot water that may deform the more delicate clothes.
  6. After you are done with the wash, rinse the clothes thoroughly to ensure all the detergent has left the fabric. Detergents, full of synthetic chemicals, pose a great risk to your babies’ new skin.
  7. Dry the clothes in an airy, open space with abundant sunlight, a natural disinfectant.
  8. Be conscious of what is in the detergents, fabric softeners or any other artificial chemicals you are using on the fabric. Make it a habit to read the ingredients on the label and stay away from synthetics altogether! A classic thumb rule? When in doubt – don’t.
  9. Strictly stay away from chemicals, dyes, bleach and artificial fragrances. On the market are detergents that are made especially for baby-wear, find them.
  10. Diligently follow the washing instructions on the clothing tag.
  11. Avoid the dryer at all costs.
  12. It is very important to keep nappies germ-free, so disinfect them after every wash.
  13. Make a preference of cotton over, literally, any other material. Cotton is low risk, free from allergies, highly breathable and generally prevents overheating.
  14. Last but never the least, prioritise quality, comfort and (genuine) organics over style and fashion.

With these tips in mind, you’re well on your way to giving your baby the safe fabric s/he deserves to grow healthy in. It’s not rocket science, just some good old common sense, so handle with care.

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