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Have you washed your woollens yet?

It’s time to unpack those woollens and get spruced up for the winter. It’s time to get all those sweaters, sweatshirts, turtlenecks, mufflers, cardigans etc. out of the closet.

Infestations often start when woollens are stored in dark places and left unused for long periods of time leaving an awkward smell and sometimes even leading to itchy skin.How much ever airtight you might have kept them, wool fibers are hollow which enable them to readily retain more moisture than other garment fibers. Plus, most often than not, mothballs aren’t as effective as expected when it comes to keeping moths at bay.

Just dusting your woollens off and airing them out might not be enough. How you wash your winter wear will decide how cool you look and how comfortable you feel in them this season! It is always recommended not to wash your woollens in a washing machine or dry in a drier. Most manufacturers recommend dry cleaning woollens.

Wool is a natural fibre and the use of a reputable dry cleaner’s specialised care is highly recommended. Many woollen garment care labels will specify ‘dry clean only’, in which case you shouldn’t attempt to hand or machine wash them.

A process-driven and highly scientific fabric care like that of Fabricspa’s would do wonders, giving your woollens a new lease of life. And keeping them looking as good as new! Your prized woollens go through a fabric-friendly, specialised care that include RO-purified water & a 3-step quality check. Plus, they return to you neatly packed and ready to wear because we understand clothing is personal and we handle each item with the utmost care.