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Experience the nuances of 9-step sigma care

Life is a mad rush. And we hardly find time to do laundry, let alone doing it right. It is a time- consuming process, gathering clothes, separating them according colours and fabric, and then following wash care instructions – all of these are something that is ignored, which usually leads to clothes ageing much before they are supposed to.

To ensure your clothes live long and look as good as new after every wash, we follow a unique 9-step
sigma care process and follow wash care instructions to the last thread.

9-step sigma care process

  • Unique Barcode tags: Unique barcoding to ensure that your clothes don’t go missing. Also, it helps in identifying and segregating the clothes according to wash care they deserve.
  • Specialized Segregation: As soon as we receive your laundry, we segregate them according to colours, fabric and the special care they might need.
  • Hygienic Process: With Stericare in place, you can rest assured that your clothes are washed hygienically and with special fabric-friendly chemicals. We only use RO water to protect fabric from hard water.
  • Wash Care Instruction: Following wash care instructions is of utmost importance. Apparel brands provide these guidelines to make sure clothes live long, but they are often ignored. At Fabricspa, we follow it down to the last thread and help keep your clothes as good as new.
  • Fabric- friendly steam press: Hot irons and charcoal irons often cause irreversible damage to the fabric. Creasing, fading and scorching are some of the most common issues related to traditional ironing. Hence, we use fabric-friendly steam press, which is gentle on fabric but still leaves your clothes crisp for your use.
  • Intricate Alteration: Due to wear and tear, fabric is often damaged. These might go unnoticed or ignored by many, which causes further damage to your clothes. To ensure that doesn’t happen, we take special care to identify and rectify the damage as soon we spot it. Special requests: Dyeing, darning, alterations are things that we expect our tailors to do. Many a times, they do a shoddy job, rendering clothes to an unusable condition. But experts at our facility take extra care while accommodating these requests. Once the job is done, you will find it hard to spot the area that was damaged.
  • 3 stage quality check: Post wash, we put your clothes through a 3-step quality check and ensure that your clothes look as good as new. It is a meticulous process and we take great pride in doing it.
  • Professional Packaging: Well, after wash and the quality check your clothes are then packed into special packages that keeps your clothes safe and fresh even during transit. We also offer special travel packs, all you need to do is pick the laundry and transfer it your travel bags.

So, go ahead wear what you want and do what you want. Leave the laundry to us.

Call for a pick up today and experience the nuances for 9-step sigma care process.